RedsGear Price Match Guarantee

At OzarkSource we have the largest selection and best pricing of outdoor gear in the industry. If for some reason you've found an advertised price from one of our competitors, that is lower (even if it is only a $.01) - we'll match their advertised price! This policy does not extend to orders with coupons or products that are covered by a manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price policy. Requests for Price Matching must be made at the time an order is placed using the method described below; requests for Price Matches over the phone will not be honored. Requests for Price Matching must be made for the identical in-stock product (this includes, but is not limited to: size, width, color, pattern, etc.).

To apply for a price adjustment, please follow these three easy steps:

1) Email and enter the competitor's product page address (URL) and the price in the body of the email. Please use the subject: PRICE MATCH
2) We will respond to your email with further details if all conditions (listed below) have been met or if the price match is denied.
3) Add the products that you would like to price match to your shopping cart and place your order!

OzarkSource Price Match Guarantee Conditions

1) To qualify for a price match, you must submit an order for the products in question and find a lower advertised price from a competitor's website. This information (product page address & price) must be included in the body of the email. The lower price and product availability must remain in effect at the time your price match request is verified by OzarkSource (typically within 2 business hours). Expired offers are not eligible for a price match.

2) Competitors' special promotions such as rebates, coupons, gift certificates, bundled products, gift with purchase, 'Buy one, get one' offers are not eligible for a price match. Only the advertised price is considered.

3) Price difference applies to full cost of the item minus any promotions, and does not include tax.

4) Time-limited sales events (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday), offers advertised as limited in time or quantity, liquidations and going out of business sales, and loyalty program offers and rewards aren't eligible for the guarantee.

5) The guarantee applies to the price payable for products. Offers for or including additional services are not covered by the Guarantee.

6) The price match cannot be combined with orders where a coupon has been used.

7) The guarantee does not apply where the competitor or has made a price error or typographical error on an item.

8) This policy does not apply to previous orders.

9) This policy applies only to designated websites. We will not match prices from brick-and-mortar stores.

10) This policy does not apply to products covered by manufacturer imposed pricing restrictions, otherwise known as Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P.).

If your claim satisfies all of these terms and conditions, we will grant the price match request and reply to your email address with a coupon. If the price match is denied, we will contact you for further instruction. We reserve the right to deny claims or to modify these terms at any time if the Guarantee is being abused.